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Prices quoted are for a maximum period of seven (7) days. Costumes needed for longer than seven (7) days are charged one third (1/3) the original rental price for each seven(7) day period or part thereafter. You are not charged rental for the time the costumes are in transit. Shipping charges in both direction (to and from) are in addition to the rental charges We ask that orders be complete and submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your SHIP DATE. Orders received less than 3 weeks prior to ship date are NOT subject to late order fees but may be subject to expedited shipping charges in order to make your production dates. If an open account has not already been established, a valid purchase order or signed letter of authorization from an official of your organization must accompany your order if the order is to be charged to an open account. Please fill out order form and measurements sheets as completely and accurately as possible. An authorized signature is required for us to process the order. Include a copy of the Summerset/ Costume Shop Co-Op plot? For your show on which you have noted the specific costumes that you are ordering and any special needs which may not be indicated on our standard plot. We want to encourage you to EMAIL or fax your orders. It’s speedy and accurate. Prices are subject to change without notice. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT RENTING COSTUMES PHILOSOPHY Whether the costumes you need are simple, elaborate, bright, or drab, what is important is that they are right. Our staff is committed to this ideal. ACCESSORIES Certain accessories are automatically included in the rental price: others are subject to additional charges. The prices quoted on our standard plots reflect these considerations. MEASURMENTS/ORDER FORMS Order forms are attached and can also be found on our website. Please remember that complete and accurate measurements eliminate estimating sizes and facilitate better fit.  We require submission of a signed and fully completed order form before production of your order can take place. PLAN AHEAD Our goal is to provide you with the complete and timely service along with the greatest looking costumes possible. Please place your orders early; ultimately, this ensures the best look for your show. If you give us complete information well in advance of your production date, we in turn are able to give your show our best effort. EXPEDITED SHIPPING Summerset specializes in meeting the last minute needs or our customers and during certain times of the year, our shipping calendar may be full. Please be aware that the timeliness with which you place your order determines your placement in the schedule. In some cases, expedited shipping may become necessary and those charges are the responsibility of the customer.
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