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Lord Farquaad
Top with shiny red arms Straight black bob wig Blue stretchy leggings, Blue shiny feet and integrated yellow legs (matches Duloc dancers) shiny hat, integrated kneepads, black cape. Wedding outfit in gold tones includes a fake yellow leg for Plastic Horse scene with red boot attached.
Shimmery light pink knee-length dress (size 12) Tall blonde wig with accents wings not included Gingy puppet is a separate item
Full Donkey costume in grey fur with leather hooves and full headpiece. Built for a 6’ tall medium build.
Brown leather vest (2-3 XL)
Captain of the Guard
Silver/ Cobalt Blue Suit-of-Armor Top (2XL). Large “F” on chestpiece. With integrated silver cape. Black headpiece with gold “F”  Black universal size boot covers with velvet edge
Guards   (15 available)
Silver/ Cobalt Blue Suit-of-Armor Top. Large “F” on chestpiece. No cape. Black headpiece with gold “F”  Black universal size boot covers with velvet edge Adult Sizes ranging from M to XL
Green faux velvet gowns gold rope belt Adult Fiona Size 8-10 Teen size adult 12 Youth 10-12
Fiona’s Wedding Dress
2 Wedding dresses (2XL, size 12) 2 veils bunting chest and hips One for Fiona, one for a body double
Blue Shorts (Adult Size 10) with “wood look” short sleeved white shirt with “wood look” Yellow hat with “wood look” Red suspenders Nude  leggings with “wood look” Red clogs with “wood look”  size 6-7 Costume includes nose
Humpty Dumpty
Integrated Shirt and pants (Unisex, Size 14-18) yellow short curly clown style wig white “broken egg shell” cap Does not include bowtie, shoes or gloves
Wicked Witch
Bright colored neon gown Orange wig with built-in spider web hat Spider necklace Black spiky pointed toe shoes  (size 8) Long neon green/black striped cotton socks Includes rainbow-colored broom which is able to stand on its own
Duloc Dancers   (12 available)
Blue stretchy long-sleeved tops with red, shiny sleeves Red “plastic” skirts Bright blue stretchy leggings Yellow straight bob wigs Red shiny shoe covers with white slippers Red oven gloves Unisex Adult sizes M - XL
Three Little Pigs    (3 available)
Pink  head pieces Gloves Bright colored shirts and matching pants   (2 Large, 1 XL) Bowties  (neon hunter green, neon turquoise, shiny maroon) Noses Shoes  (size 12½, 11w, 15)
Knights   (4 available)  
Tattered off-white dirty tunics Shredded silver armour shirts with silver black tattered hoods Tattered knee-length black pants Long grey beards Shackles
Dancing Rats    (9 available)  
Black velvet tux vest with gray lining Gray rat ears (8 adult flexible sizes, 1 youth size)
3 Blind Mice  
Flapper-style white dresses Short-sleeved short white fur coats  (sizes 12, 14, 3XL) Plus-size white panty hose Matching black sunglasses White mouse ear head bands Pearl necklaces with matching arm bands
Dragon Puppet  
Large purple dragon puppet Articulating mouth Fluttering eyes Flappable wings Two internal operators (with purple pants, they are the legs of the dragon) Two external operators (black morphs suits). 1 operates the tails, 1 operates the head/mouth.
Gingy Puppet  
Foam “Gingerbread Man” puppet with gumdrop buttons Movable mouth Eyebrows move up and down to aid with expressions Lower legs are removable Attached to foamcore “cookie sheet”
Miscellaneous Costume Pieces and Props 
Onion Bluebird’s Nest Shrek’s Helmet Red foam finger with “DULOC” on it and lots more
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